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Spd 6533g imei repair tool #guide



Download spd 6533g imei repair tool directly from google drive or mediafire in one click.


Spd 6533g imei repair tool Download Here.

Spd 6533g Driver Download Here.

How To write spd 6533g imei

First of all download the Spd 6533g imei repair tool from our given link which is in zip file. And extract the zip file.

Now open that folder. Now there will be many files in that folder as you can see in the image.


Now click writeimei

Nex click Run

And the Spd 6533g imei repair tool will open.

Now the spd phone in which imei is to be repaired, remove the battery of that phone and re-insert it in the phone.

Next connect spd phone to computer via usb cable.

Now press the 0 button from the phone keypad.

Now your spd phone will be connected to the Spd 6533g imei repair tool.

If the spd phone is not connecting to the tool then check the spd driver. And if spd driver is not installed in your pc then download it from our given spd driver link and install it.

Now put the original imei of the phone in this tool.

Next click write option in the tool.

Finish imei write.

how to install spd usb drivers on your computer

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