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Jio f90m hard reset | Password Remove



LYF Jio F90m Hard reset – It is very easy to reset the F90 jio phone within a few minutes by pressing a few buttons on the keypad of the jio phone, you can easily delete the password in the phone. For this, read this article carefully.


Jio f90m hard reset process

First take out the battery of your jio f90 phone and then put it back in the phone.

Now Press both the up button of the navigation key and Power key simultaneously.

Now release the power button but keep the up button pressed.

Now Setting options will come on your mobile display.

Now press Hold down the left selection key and press the right selection key.

Now you will see F90m Phone in recovery mode.

Now select Wipe Data / factory reset and press selection key.

Select Yes and press selection key. Now the current process Jio f90m Hard reset will run on the phone’s display, then some options will be displayed.

Now select reboot system Now and press selection key.

Now your phone will restart and the jio f90 phone password will be Hard reset completely.

Jio f90m hard reset Video

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